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ID# Date Home Visitor H V Status
9043 9/21/2018 9Clemson 9Fresno State Bulldogs n/a n/a Playing
3705 9/21/2018 9doggs 9HOLICS Night Out n/a n/a Playing
8713 9/21/2018 9Southern Miss 9Toledo_SBD n/a n/a Playing
3434 9/21/2018 9New York 9 9LEGO RACERS (AcA) n/a n/a Playing
3391 9/21/2018 9Smexy Pepe 9Brampton Bobcats (AcA) n/a n/a Playing
3556 9/21/2018 9Midgets With Crew Cuts 9Saint Paul COLORED GOPHERS n/a n/a Playing
3929 9/21/2018 9Georgia Bulldogs 9HOLICS Legacy (Part Deux) n/a n/a Playing
3716 9/21/2018 9Stormlight Archive 9midnite riders AKA.Brewers n/a n/a Playing

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