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SmallBall Baseball

How to play
A quick guide to an unusual game

Here are 3 steps to play SmallBall Baseball, Click each to get the details

1. Create your own team
Name and position them, then color their uniforms

2. Train your team
Click them and drag them to make them better

3. Play games with other teams
Find a team and challenge them to a game

SmallBall Help Page
Get all the details here

SmallBall Tutorial
Step by step, all you have to do to win


Create your own Team

After you Download and install the SmallBall game the first thing you need to do is register your new team. Click the Register Button and fill out the information and you will be presented with you Owner ID. Please remember to write down your password and Owner ID - both are used to access your team.

Once your team is registered you should click the Training Button to open your basic trainer. In the Edit menu you can Name your team and players and color their uniforms. You can use the Roster editor to position your team and make your batting order.

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Train your Team

The more they do, the better they get.

To train your players in running, drag them across the screen, let them go, and they will run back to their original position. The more they run, the faster they get. To train your players to hit, drag them to home plate.

When you click and hold on a player they will be selected. The selected fielder will receive throws more often.

When you see stars appear above your player's heads, that means they are improving.


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Play games

Now that you have created your team and trainned them a bit, its time to play against another team. There are many teams in SmallBall - to find them go to the League pages. You can find an easy opponent in the Newest Teams

Once you find a team, you can play them by clicking Public Game then type in the ID number of the team. To play any team you must use their ID number to tell the game who you want to play.


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